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More than a Boat Ride: 5 Things to Do on Your Kelowna Okanagan Lake Adventure

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Explore Kelowna and Okanagan Lake by boat with a boat rental from Downtown Marina.

Explore Kelowna and Okanagan Lake by boat with a boat rental from Downtown Marina.

From sun-kissed beaches to rolling hills laden with vineyards and orchards, the Okanagan is one of the most beautiful regions in BC to explore by water.

Centred by the city of Kelowna, all attractions lead to the glistening jewel that is Okanagan Lake. Spend a day by renting a boat to check these 5 leading attractions along the eastern and western shores of Okanagan Lake. Go for a swim, stop for a picnic, or explore onshore.


1. Hike at Bear Creek and Fintry Provincial Parks

Located on the western shore of Okanagan Lake, just north of Kelowna, these two provincial parks offer mooring buoys located close to day-use areas, swimming beaches, and trails. Paddle your SUP or kayak to shore and bring your hiking shoes to explore Bear Creek’s Canyon Rim Trail for spectacular views of Okanagan Lake and Kelowna. Located on an extensive historical estate, tour the Fintry Estate Manor House and hike up to Fintry Falls via the 400-step wooden staircase.


2. Explore the History of Rattlesnake Island

Learn the history and mystery of Rattlesnake Island. Located on the eastern shore of Okanagan Lake in what is now Okanagan Mountain Park, the island was once owned by eccentric businessman Eddie Haymour. He built a Middle-Eastern theme park on the island. When the government shut down his plans, Haymour went ahead and built a castle on the opposite shore of Rattlesnake Island in Peachland. You can still see the remnants of both the Rattlesnake theme park and Peachland Castle to this day.


3. Search for Ogopogo at Squally Point 

Only accessible by boat, Squally Point, located just south of Rattlesnake Island, is an advanced level diving site that is also known to be home of the Okanagan’s very own Ogopogo. Known as N'ha-a-itk by the Syilx Okanagan people, Ogopogo is said to dwell inside a cave that is approximately 100 feet off the point. Only experienced divers should explore the cave. However, you may see the famed sea serpent poke his head out of the water from the safety of your boat. Cliff jumping is another popular activity at Squally Point.


4. Fish for the Catch of the Day

Okanagan Lake is home to abundant species of fish such as Rainbow Trout, Kokanee Salmon, and Burbot. Bring your tackle and arrange for a one-day angler license. Learn more from the Freshwater Fisheries Society of BC about fishing licenses, regulations, and the best places to fish and ask Downtown Marina about the best fishing boats to rent.


5. Slip, sip, and dine

The Okanagan is home to several wineries, distilleries, cideries, and restaurants that can be accessed by boat. Downtown Marina offers a boat slip rental, so you can safely park, sip, and dine at nearby establishments such as:

  • Okanagan Spirits Craft Distillery
  • Cactus Club Café at Kelowna Yacht Club
  • Sandhill Wines
  • Craft Beer Market

Or visit some of these places that located near a boat pier while out on your Lake Okanagan adventure:

  • Smack Dab at the Manteo Resort in Kelowna
  • Bonfire Grill at the Cove Resort in West Kelowna
  • Beach Avenue Café at the Peachland Marina
  • Gasthaus Pub in Peachland
  • Summerland Yacht Club
  • The Hooded Merganser at the Penticton Lakeside Resort


How to Arrange Your Boat Rental and Moorage

The first thing you’ll need for your Okanagan Lake adventure is a boat. Located in the heart of Kelowna, Downtown Marina has everything available to get you started, including:

  • Motorized boat rentals
  • Kayak and stand up paddleboard rental
  • Guided boat tours
  • Moorage and boat slip rental
  • Waterski, wakeboard, and tube rentals


Fuel Up and Pack for Your Trip

Before starting your boating adventure, make sure to fuel up and pack plenty of snacks and water.  Downtown Marina has a full-service marina where you can fill your tank and purchase refreshments, snacks, and sundries. They even offer a bag of free ice for boaters. 

For more boating tips, read the Must-Have Boater's Guide to Touring Lake Okanagan.


Are you looking for a Kelowna boat rental? Contact us at Downtown Marina for moorage, boats rental, boat tours, fuel and retail, and more.