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Lake Life: Multi-Day Boat Rentals

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Enjoy life like a Kelowna local with a multi-day boat rental

One of the biggest perks of living close to a lake is the ability to get out on the water. Our beautiful Kelowna home al-waves has some wicked summer weather, but we’re here to share the heat-beating perks of multi-day boat rentals that’ll make you say: “So, that’s how the locals do it!”

Long-Term Savings

Here at Downtown Marina, we give you the option to rent a boat by the hour, the day, or for multiple days in a row! The best thing about that is the rental gets cheaper the longer you rent. So much so that if you were to pull out all the stops and cruise in style with the Mastercraft X24 for 8 days, you’d save $400+ a day over our 8-hour rate.

Not to mention, with weekly boat rentals, you afford yourself the flexibility of time. Forget about the stress of trying to use the boat as much as you can within an hourly rate. Plus, with the long summer daylight hours, it’s the perfect opportunity to enjoy a sunset or nighttime boat ride just like the locals.

We rent boats for up to 8 days, but if you desire an even longer Kelowna boating adventure, contact us directly.

Explore the Okanagan with Ease

Whether you’re coming to visit Davidson Orchards in Vernon or go fruit picking in Peachland, Okanagan Lake boat rentals make it easy to travel in style, stay cool, and enjoy the fin-tastic views. With multiple cities accessible by water, travel has never been more comfortable – especially if you’re aboard the Cobalt Yacht R7, consistently ranked #1 in ride comfort.

And if you’re renting one of the beautiful waterfront properties nearby (truly seeing the world like a Kelowna local), you can moor your multi-day boat rental overnight and be ready to travel down the lake whenever you wake.

Toys for Your Toys

Boats are great for more than just cruising or travel though – as anyone with a gaggle of kids will be quick to tell you. Our Cobalt 220S has all the speed and power needed for a perfect (and fuel-efficient) day of pulling wakeboarders and tubers. You’ll fit right in with the locals!

And because we’re all a-boat fun in the water, we at Kelowna Downtown Marina include a free accessory (tube, wake surfboard, water ski, or wakeboard) with your multi-day boat rental – no matter whether it’s a wakeboard boat or a pontoon boat rental.

Still not convinced? Check out even more ways multi-day boat rentals are key to enjoying the Kelownafornia lifestyle: Multi-Day Boat Rental: Live Like a Local on Vacation.

Kelowna’s Downtown Marina loves the lake life and wants its passion to be accessible to all. Located in the heart of downtown, getting on the lake has never been more convenient. Visit or stop by to rent your very own boat for an hour, a day, or a week.